BahirDar University STEM Center and 12 more:

BDU STEM Center, located at the start of the Blue Nile, enriches grades K-12 students beyond their regular studies. Unique hands-on lab experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math are offered at no charge. All of the operating STEM Centers were established by our team members, and years ago formally donated to their university hosts, who expanded operations and continue a close relationship with STEMpower.

Science Museum

Addis Ababa Science Museum and 1 more:

AASM offers a wide array of interactive exhibits, freely accessible by the millions of families living near the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. Pre-university learners and their families discover the fun of science, in an informal environment that encourages exploration.  STEMpower team members formally donated AASM to AASTU university, now sustainably operating the Museum. Our team has implemented a second large Science Museum, in Mekele. 

The Ethiopian National Science, Engineering and Robotics Fair:

We celebrate student innovation at the annual National Science Fair, every November 10 (World Science Day).  STEMpower team members introduced this concept to the nation, which has takes a great deal of pride in the national endeavor, unique in Africa. Thousands of students across Ethiopia compete at their local science fairs each year. We are proud that Ethiopian Government ministries sustainably support this program, including the complex logistics to bring together students (190 in 2018) from across Ethiopia to its largest venues.


Sceince Fair (Mark)
Virtual Computer

Virtual Computer Labs at over 75 sites:

The virtualization intitiative may be the most visible and geographically-wide program nurtured by STEMpower team members.  Technically sustainable and highly suited for African education centers, virtual computer labs are operating across the nation. The proven "train the trainers" philosophy encourages us to reach every Ethiopian student by 2023, in the nation's 10,000 public primary schools and 2,000 secondary schools.  We've also expanded to other countries, e.g. Burundi.

STEMpower TV.  Our broadcaster (Walta Satellite) estimates that our weekly Science TV show is watched by 5 million people.  The show is aired on Saturdays, at 6 pm dinnertime, a time when many families are home together.  We also authorized Walta to fill their empty time slots with re-runs of our series episodes, so the actual number of viewers is most likely a higher number.  We thus reach the remotest regions of Ethiopia, where internet accessibility is more spase.

Addis Ababa Science Museum

Science Shared Campus at Kotebe University (eastern Addis Ababa) is a municipal shared public high school that offers quality science labs and superior education.  The concept was created by STEMpower team members, and has been sustainably duplicated at 4 more large Ethiopian cities.  Once a burden to municipal education bureaus to maintain highest-quality labs to meet the needs of high-achieving students, the successful school-sharing concept is now a sustainable endeavor spreading to cities across the nation.

University STEM Outreach. Conceived and initially funded by STEMpower team members, nearly all Ethiopian public universities sustainably run this low-cost highly-effective program.  The Ethiopian Ministry of Education oversees this initiative, so our role has transformed into establishing more year-round STEM Centers.  Nearly forty of the nation's public universities run their local version of this initiative, each bringing in 300-700 superior upper primary and high school students in grades 8-11, during the normally-idle university summer break.  Over 14,000 students nationwide participate every summer.

Student in Lab